Q: What if I don’t want to travel.

A: On our Lead Program we make every attempt to get you working as close to home as possible. You will not have to work any further than 75 miles from your home (worst case scenario)

Q: What can I do to get higher commission levels?

A: Produce consistently.

Q: How much does it cost to get access to the mobile FE Calculator?

A: It's FREE for all of our agents with unlimited use.

Q: What is the reason for the refundable deposit?

A: It's now standard in the market and it allows us to drop extra mail for you in the beginning.

Q: How do I get back the refundable deposit?

A: The refundable deposit is in the form of 3 weeks worth of leads.
Example: If you decide to leave the program and you are receiving 20 leads per week you will be refunded 60 leads.

Q: Does working with you make me captive?

A: We are not captive, however, would like to earn your Final Expense business. While we aim to earn all of your Final Expense business, we also offer term, UL, IUL’s, and annuities.

Q: I’m currently captive with another agency, what if I cannot get a release from them?

A: You can wait 6 months without writing any business or request to be "Released" to us.

Q: Can I bring other agents on and make overrides off them?

A: Yes, there is always room to grow, yet we want you to get totally familiar with our system first before going down that path. However, every agent is unique so it will all depend on your experience/history.

Q: What does the average agent pay weekly in lead cost?

A: $600 - $750

Q: What kind of training do you offer?

A: We offer face to face sales training, online training, and several weekly WorkShop calls.

Q: How do I receive the actual final expense leads?

A: You will receive scanned copies of your final expense leads every Saturday in your “box” online. Your “box” is simply your unique online login to our website. From there, you can print the leads up and begin to work them!

Q: Who pays me?

A: You will be paid directly by the insurance carriers.

Q: About how long does it take to get mail back?

A: It takes about 4 weeks to see a return on your mail, 3 to 4 weeks to get a steady lead flow generated.

Q: How does it work if I want to take a vacation or time off?

A: You just let us know 3 weeks in advance that you will not be able to take final expense leads.

Q: Is it possible to get "Real Time" underwriting help?

A: Yes, by contacting our office or our group text chat.